Draught Systems


Whether you have 4 taps or 70 taps, pouring a proper beer is important to you and your customers. Metro Carbonic’s expert staff will determine the proper gases needed to improve profitability and quality. Is your beer pouring too foamy? Is your beer pouring too flat? There is a science to pouring a beer properly—let Metro Carbonic do the math. Every keg of beer is an investment in your business. Pouring a proper beer leads to incredible cost savings. Metro Carbonic’s goal is to maximize profits by eliminating waste to the customer. Some customers prefer to pour their beer more traditionally and use CO2. At Metro Carbonic, we would will be happy to supply you with CO2, but would love the opportunity to introduce and let you know about custom blended beer gases. Depending on the pressure needed in a draught system, either CO2 or a custom blend of CO2 and nitrogen is required to maintain the natural carbonation and protect the tastes created by the brewer. As micro brews are becoming more popular, the pressure ranges at the down regulator has expanded greatly. By adding nitrogen to your draft systems, you can get a perfect pour—not too foamy, not to flat.

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